Talking with Scoble about the Contextual Web

August 2, 2012


Here’s the audio track of a great conversation I had back in 2012 with my good friend Robert Scoble at his home in Half Moon Bay, CA. We talked a lot about context, since this was right before he announced the Age of Context book he is doing with Shel Israel. In this conversation Robert and I talked about the contextual web, Google Glass (long before we had it), privacy, personas, contextual content, contextual marketing, and why we need to start building some open standards regarding how context is discovered, communicated, and permissioned. Even though this discussion was over a year ago, I think a lot of what we talked about is still quite relevant. 

Note: To hear the audio just click on the play button or links in Robert’s post… his post is embedded as a live object.

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 The pic below shows a snippet of Robert’s whiteboard after our discussion


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